Regarding Rocket League aficionados, one boost stands out among the rest – the highly sought-after Alpha Boost RL, better known as Gold Rush. Its allure lies not only in its in-game visuals but also in its exclusivity. This boost was a reward for players who engaged in the alpha version of Rocket League back in February 2014. In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about Alpha Boost in Rocket League, encompassing its wide popularity, the methods to obtain it, and where to find it.

Unveiling the Exclusive Gold Rush in Rocket League Boost

Gold Rush Rocket League, commonly known as Gold Rush RL, was awarded to players who engaged in the alpha testing of Rocket League. Alongside the Alpha Boost Rocket League boost, participants were furthermore rewarded with Goldstone wheels and a Gold Cap. It’s vital to note that the commonly mistaken “Gold Nugget” is, indeed, called Nugget Beta and was rewarded to players who took part in the beta version of the game introduced in October 2014. Gold Rush’s popularity stems from its rarity and the association of the color gold with prosperity and prestige.

What makes the Alpha Boost so coveted among gaming enthusiasts?

The attraction of Alpha Boost in Rocket League has not faded over the years, notably among pro Rocket League players. Numerous pros were lucky enough to obtain this boost during the alpha phase, making it a symbol of status and experience in the community. As newer players join the professional scene, the desire to obtain the Alpha Boost RL has only intensified. As time passes, the rarity of this boost is expected to escalate, making it an even more sought-after item.

Ways to Obtain the coveted Alpha Boost Rocket League

Since the alpha version of Rocket League is long gone, you can’t get the Gold Rush Rocket League boost directly from the game. However, do not be afraid, as there is still a way to acquire your hands on this prestigious item. The coveted Alpha Boost Rocket League can be obtained through player-to-player trades. Bear in mind that due to its scarce nature and appeal, most trades involve real-world currency. At the time of writing this article, the price for the Alpha Boost Rocket League is approximately $4500. However, exchanging items and credits is also a practical alternative, with the quantity of credits required fluctuating depending on your platform.

How Many Alpha Boosts Exist?

The precise count of The total count of Alpha Boosts in existence is unknown, but it’s estimated to be around 500. Many of these boosts are kept in the inventories of professional players, which further adds to their scarcity. Currently, around fifteen Alpha Boost in Rocket Leagues are available for sale in the trading market, which is a larger number than usual. However, as the item becomes less available, the accessibility may decrease.

Seeking Alpha Boost RL: Exclusive and Limited Marketplaces

In this guide, we shall explore the most efficient modes in order to obtain Alpha Boost – a sought-after item recognized as its exclusivity and elevated price tag. Getting the rare Alpha Boost Rocket League can be one tad daunting, but apprehension never, since we have thee covered.

Regarding purchasing this rare item, there are 2 key selections to weigh. 1. Commerce Central: Alpha Boost RL An extraordinary Rocket League dealing Discord server offers the perfect platform for performing alpha transactions. Inside of this server, you’ll own the occasion to engage with some of the most influential well-educated and prosperous merchants inside of the Rocket League community. 2. OP.Market: While though Alpha Amplify may perhaps not necessarily consistently be in stock, this specific website generally presents no less than one alpha item prepared for purchase. The advantages of using this platform happen to be numerous. including the following instant distributions and a reliable defense against scams.

You must not allow the scarcity of Alpha Amplify demoralize thee. By having these first-class obtaining methods, you are able to advance your Rocket League playtime greatly. Happy swapping!


Getting the exclusive Alpha Boost Rocket League in Rocket League is an aspiration for many gamers, but only a chosen few can afford this sought-after item. We’ve dug into the background and recognition of Alpha Boost in RL and given valuable information into how and where you can purchase it. Bear in mind, this boost represents not just a attention-grabbing in-game effect but also a fragment of Rocket League history. Whether you’re a dedicated collector or a player aspiring to stand out, Alpha Boost Rocket League keeps a representation of prestige within the Rocket League community.