The game Rocket League is an activity that requires accurate movements and expertise, particularly when it comes to performing aerial moves. Whether you’re new to the game seeking to understand the basics or an experienced player aiming to push your limits, training modules for aerial moves are vital for honing your abilities. In this article, we will explore the top-notch Rocket League codes for aerial training maps for the current year. These packs offer a range of challenges and scenarios to enhance your aerial prowess. Let’s plunge into the world of aerial circles and Rocket League aerial training map codes!


Beginner Aerials (Rookie Striker)

  • Download Code: 1E1C-CFD2-B115-FF03
  • For people beginner to aerials, this training module provides a strong base for developing skills in aerial maneuvers. With ten fundamental aerials to practice, the module helps players understand the fundamental mechanics of aerial maneuvers. It is specially crafted to support players facing challenges with fast aerials, offering them with setups that require swift and accurate performance. What makes this pack even more attractive is its versatility. Players can personalize the difficulty level, making it accessible to learners of various proficiencies.

    Moving on to Aerial Shots – Pass (All-Star Striker)

    The Aerial Shots – Pass training pack takes your aerial play to new heights. Featuring fifty unique scenarios commonly encountered in matches, the training module focuses on aerial shots involving reads from the corner wall and backboard. These techniques are essential in modern-day Rocket League gameplay. To maximize your shot power, concentrate on hitting the ball with the front of your car. Bear in mind, this pack is meant for training purposes, so emphasize both power and accuracy in your shots.

    Expert Aerial (Rookie Striker)

  • Download Code: 7918-5D21-4A11-1C19
  • The Expert Aerial training pack is tailored for highly skilled aerial players seeking new challenges. With difficult angles, fast speeds, and difficult reads, the module tests even the most experienced players to their limits. It addresses the common struggle of finding training packs that sufficiently test high-level players while allowing them to boost their in-game performance. By striking the perfect balance between practicality and difficulty, the training module provides an ideal training ground for seasoned aerial maneuvers.

    Making Conclusions: Key Insights at the Final Stage

    Mastering aerial maneuvers is vital for success in Rocket League, and these aerial training map codes offer the perfect opportunity to enhance your skills. Whether you’re a beginner or striving for excellence, the Beginner Aerials, Aerial Shots – Pass, and Expert Aerial packs cater to players of various proficiencies. Download these codes, practice diligently, and climb to new heights on the Rocket League pitch. Accept the challenge, hone your techniques, and become a formidable force in the aerial arena!