Lula Schiller made the bittersweet decision to move to the United States from her hometown of Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico after she got married. Leaving her family, friends, job, and country behind. Lula struggled to feel included in her new world. It wasn’t until she became pregnant with her son, that she decided to turn my life around and focus on the positive. After her son was got a bump on his forehead she started searching for an ointment to put on it. She and her husband were given a starter kit months before. Lula started this journey because she loved the products and helping people. She didn’t have experience in Network Marketing and was afraid of the business part. Lula focused on product education until she shifted and found a balance between the product benefits and the business side. She began going down to Mexico to share the beauty of Young Living. Lula has grown the presence in Mexico from 2,000 Young Living members to 15,000 and she now has members across 20 different countries.

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